How do we get started?

It’s just 3 easy steps

  1. Register your club
    We just need the details of your club, club photo and featured club sponsor. Registration fee is only £200 payable at the end of the competition. No Up Front payments required

  2. Add team managers
    Once you are registered you can add managers for each of your club teams. They can set their own funding targets!

  3. Get the word out!
    Your club and each team will have a unique web link which can be used to promote your fundraising mission on social media.

Return on your investment

How much could your club raise?

  1. Each player has ~6 close relatives that will donate £5.00* each.


  2. Each team has ~20 players who will donate £30.00 each.


  3. Each club has ~10 teams who will donate £600.00 each.


How it works

Step-by-step guide

    1. Guess how each match at the rugby tournament will play out.
    2. Donate just £5.00 to the team of your choice!*
    3. Share your chosen team’s donation page and help raise even more funds!

    Sign up today

    * Nations Cup will take a small PayPal transaction fee of 50 pence.